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Broadheads - Metalhead 3 Blade, .030" Thickness, 125 Grains, Per 3

Allen Cases

Manufacture ID: 14703

Allen’s Metalhead broadheads continue their trend of utilizing precision molten metal technology to forge an indesctructible broadhead sought by all hunters. Available in either 3 or 4 blades, the broadheads boasts a one-piece solid steel ferrule for maximum sheer strength and bone-jarring durability. Allen's scientifically designed “ampli-pierce” blade design reduces friction on impact and multiplies puncture force as the broadhead punctures your trophies hides.


- Blade Type: Razor
- Blade Thickness: .030"
- Weight: 125 Grains
- Broadhead Tip Style: Cut-On-Contact
- Material: Steel
- Number of Blades: 3
- Quantity: Per 3

Vendor: Allen Cases

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